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git repository hosted here :

This project is a "skeleton"/"base code" for making cross platform 3D applications using OpenGL. It is built upon a lot of great open-source tools including:

  • SDL2
  • PhysicsFS
  • GLEW
  • TinyGLTF
  • ChaiScript
  • GLM
  • FreeImage
  • ImGui

This is a just an application where the basics of getting 3D rendering and resource management is already done for you. It is not a fully fledged game engine by any stretch of the imagination.

The idea is to have

  • Something cross platform
  • CMake based
  • Find all the required files from resources archives and folder, and does all the I/O through PhysicsFS
  • RAII for Resource Management around OpenGL objects
  • C++17
  • Simplistic, Lightweight and hackable
  • Scriptable in ChaiScript with interactive debug console

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